[RARE] Lotus Productions


It all started when…

My best friend and creative partner, Stori Ayers, came to me saying “I need something for my reel,” and I said, “All right. Let’s make it.” From there I discovered that we share a desire to highlight “rare” voices and stories in the world. The voices that we want to hear and their stories told for others to witness. Through conscious entertainment, we want to find the comfort in the uncomfortable, where we learn and grow from one another and deepen our understanding of humanity. It is part of our mission to tell these stories with diversity and inclusion both in front of and behind the camera, in the writers room and on the production team. It is when we are challenged and uncomfortable that we reach for the light, like the lotus flower that blooms through the mud. Currently on the festival circuit with the pilot episode of “The Next Right Thing,” our short film “Woodford County,” and a music video for the original song “I Always Lose” by indie band Wind & the Why. Our web series tells the story of two best friends who decide to face their demons by challenging themselves to obey their version of the ten commandments through dating.